Melissa and Natalie have been friends since the first days of high school, and have been dreaming about how to take over the world ever since. Both originating from Chicago, these reformed city girls now call Colorado home. Their lives are filled with long car drives, dog hair, and an equal amount of serious conversations about the world and insane laughter. 

Natalie and Melissa are both committed to having a positive influence on the world.  For the past near-decade, they have both been dedicated elementary school teachers, spreading the values of kindness and love to countless kiddos.


One thing they both noticed, time and time again, was that the cost for spirit wear at their schools, the cost of customized cute shirts, and the cost of time necessary to be wasted making orders, were all OUTRAGEOUSLY high! They asked themselves: How can we cut costs so that we can make stuff for our friends and family? How can we help schools and businesses to have better options when it comes to customized wear? The idea was born.


Unfortunately, the state of affairs for teachers in Colorado is incredibly grim. That, coupled with the whole global pandemic, has led both Melissa and Natalie to thinking of other ways to having a positive influence. What better way to do that than having a store centered around happiness, humor, heart, and humanity? 

Artemis Designs CO was born out of necessity and a desire to get more clothes to more people for less money, making each design by hand, to ensure that everything looks like something we would want to buy. No matter what you’re looking for, Artemis Designs CO is devoted to affordability and quality.

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